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Tevana Vida Kitchen

Tevana Vida

What Is Life Without A Good Meal

Bringing a different approach to your dining experience in Tanjung Bira, our Tevana Vida restaurant focuses on a predominantly Vegetarian and Vegan Malaysian Cuisine that incorporates Ayurvedic elements.

All meals are cooked with organic produce and we do not add any MSG in our cooking. They are recipes handed down from family members just to give you a feel of what it would be like to be eating in our mom’s kitchen. 

We invite you to experience an explosion of taste and culture at our oceanside restaurant that boasts the best views in Tanjung Bira.

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Vegetarian Malaysian Cuisine

In Malaysia there is a huge food culture that is unparalleled to many countries and we wanted to bring these spices and flavours to all those travelling in Bira. 

Our menu is predominantly Malaysian style cuisine but with a focus on a vegetarian and vegan offerings.  We wanted to allow guests to enjoy Malaysian food in a completely different and more sustainable way.

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Special Offerings

Indian Fridays

Banana Leaf Rice is a household tradition in Malaysia whereby Rice is served on a Banana Leaf and guests have a choice of 2 or 3 curries,  accompanied by 4 or 5 different dishes all cooked with different styles to ensure balance and harmony amongst the various spices and flavours.

Definitely considered one of our most popular nights in Tevana Vida. We invite you to take note of the sweet, the sour, the savoury and the crispiness of  the dishes as they blend to form a delightful union for all to enjoy

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Seafood BBQ

Growing up in a the coastal areas of the North of Borneo, it is part of family tradition to get together and enjoy fresh seafood BBQs. 

Guests can pre-book this experience as we ensure the finest anf freshest of ingredients are used coupled with sustainable fishing methods for the main ingredients.

There is also a vegetarian option which is slowly becoming more and more popular with guests as well. 

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