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In Nature We Are One

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Gaia One Elements.png
Gaia One Elements.png

Indulge and immerse yourself in journey that will reconnect you to Nature through the 5 Elements 

Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth


What We Offer


Introduction to Bira's Land and Marine Diversity 

The exotic orchid-shaped island of Sulawesi protects a number of exotic wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.  Participants will get the chance to learn about some endemic wildlife on Sulawesi like the babirusa, the black macaque, maleo birds, the kuskus bear along with a rich biodiversity in the the Celebes Sea such as the turtles, sharks, rays not to mention have a high chance of spotting them while during their stay in Bira.

Discover Coral Diving Intro Course by Ocean Gardener

Participants will learn about the basics of coral biology including being able to identify the six most basic common coral growth forms. Participants will get to dive or snorkel at Tevana House Reef with a trained guide and learn to spot the difference between hard and soft corals. Participants will get a chance to visit our coral nurseries and learn more about coral restoration. 

Treasure Hunt Workshop
Learn ways to spot unique creatures, shrimps, crabs and fishes that live in Bira waters that are usually closely guarded secrets by Dive Guides. Understand what to look for and where to look for them to make your diving experience extra special!

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Fun Dives at various dive sites in Bira
Night Dives (interchangeable with Fun Dives) 

Explore the variety and diversity of ocean life that is available in our Bira Waters everything from sharks, turles, rays. You name it we probably have it!




Coral Nursery Restoration Dives

Participants will get to visit our coral nurseries at our House Reef and assist in the maintenance of these nurseries. 


Eco Snorkel Free Diving (collecting Drupellas)

Drupellas are sea slugs that feed on coral tissue and are one of the major threats of corals. Unfortunately due to over fishing, the drupellas' natural predators have reduced significantly leading to drupella outbreaks which threaten the existence of our corals.


Trash Hero- Beach Clean Up once a week

Due to the increasing trash problem around the world - the biggest dumping grounds become our oceans where trash end up on our beaches. Join Bira’s Trash Heroes in reducing the trash that washes up on our shores.


Experience the Local Cuisine – Market Day + Cooking Class

Understand what it means to shop at the local market where food and fruits are seasonal.

Vegetarian Cooking Class 

Learn to make a Local Peanut Salad Dish called Gado Gado.

Tea Workshop  

Making Tea from local herbs grown at Tevana House Reef.

Walk around the garden and learn about the various herbal plants being grown in Tevana House Reef’s garden. Participants will get to choose their favourite plants and make their own tea, learning about the benefits of each plant grown.


A Beginners Guide to Meditation

A progressive guided meditative journey into the bliss of silence within.

Lay in the foundation on seeking wellness and balance through the powerful art of meditation. Discover the oasis of peace within you and expand your consciousness.




Trip to Apparalang

Showcasing tall ocean side cliffs Apparalang offers sights and if 

tide conditions allow maybe even some cliff jumping.

Trip to Phinisi Boat Building

South Sulawesi is well known for its boat building ability. One of 

the last places in the world where large boats are constructed 

entirely from wood. Watching these giants being built truly 

allows one to appreciate the human spirit and ingenuity.


Hiking to the Janggo Peak

offering a elevated view of Bira's coastline and forest hills

Farewell Dinner Party

For more information on our Gaia One Travel Programme Fees please 

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