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Let us bring you on an scuba diving underwater treat of crystal clear waters where the visibility can go up to 40m and you can experience a variety of dive sites that allow you to see both pelagic including turles, sharks, rays and macro creatures! Our House Reef is boasted as one of the best house reefs and it never fails to deliver on a magnitude of marine life constantly swimming around our coral nurseries. We pride on ensuring that our divers get the best scuba diving and freediving services from all aspects of the industry! Not only is there a heavy emphasis on the safety of our divers but we also ensure that each divers needs are met, that we prepare the best meals during and after the diving. And trust us when we say you're well taken care of when you come diving with us!

Most importantly GaiaOne Boutique Diving is a social endeavour borne out of our love for the ocean and the need to give back and restore our reefs. Proceeds from scuba diving go directly to funding our GaiaOne Project, a conservation project which focuses on trash collection and restoring the coral reefs in Bira, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.


When you dive with us you are saving the reefs in Bira!


For those interested in continuing their scuba diving trips we have reputable partners in islands around Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.
We would be more than happy to put you in touch and help organise your next dive trip!

Bali, Sumba, Lombok, Alor : SheScuba
Komodos & Raja Ampat Liveaboard : Pacific High
Sipadan, Malaysia  : Mabul Dive Resort.

Australia : Phinisi Armada

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For those interested in knowing more do get in touch!

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Boutique Diving (Poster (Landscape)).png


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