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Coral Restoration Course

What does it actually mean to restore a coral reef?

Here at GaiaOne Restoration Project we offer you a chance of a lifetime to learn from Ocean Gardener and immerse yourself with the different knowledge and techniques to restore and preserve coral reefs.

Through the Ocean Gardener syllabus , having 20 over years of experience in restorating and growing corals - participants  will learn how to  identify corals and have real life practical experience on what it takes to grow corals at our Project site in Tanjung Bira. 

Ocean Gardener Intro Coral Diver Course 


2 Shore Dives

4 Boat Dives 
6 Workshops

Learn how to identify 12 hard corals and 6 soft corals species and have some fun spotting them underwater while scuba diving!


Advance Coral Diver Course


3 Shore Dives
2 Boat Dives 
5 Workshops

Learn advance hard, soft coral identification, sea fan and anemone identification.  This course will allow you to identify to the genus level 90% of coral species.

Reef Restoration Course 


4 Restoration Dives
4 Monitoring Dives
Learn about underwater coral gardening and the different techniques used at 3 of our different coral nursery sites.
Gain knowledge about the rope, spider and coral cookie methods that are used to promote growth and diversity on our reefs.


Diving Skills Workshops + Fun Dives

4 Fun Dives
1 Night Dive
Tanjung Bira is known for its incredible dive sites and white sandy beaches.

Learn how to go critter spotting by studying the different habitats, what to look for when going night diving and enjoying the beautiful deep sea dive sites of Tanjung Bira where you're bound to see seat turtles, sharks, rays and so much more! 
(Advanced Open Water certification recommended)

Cultural & Community Building


Visit to Apparalang
Visit to the Phinisi Boat Building site
Beach Clean Ups
Get the chance to interact with the community and to have a sneak peak into the lives of the little fishing village famous for their boat building and carpentry work.


Gaia One Experience


Immerse yourselves in the 5 Elements of Nature and let us take you back to Nature.
Through this experience you will gain a deeper love for the environment and our marine world by experiencing what it means to live sustainably.

It is our hope that participants will take this knowledge and continue the much needed work to protect our Planet.



  • Dorm Rooms (upgrades available)

  • Vegetarian Meals

  • Return Airport Transfer 

  • 10 Adopted Corals

  • 1 Mythical Beings NFT (allows access to future courses, internships, retreats at a 15% discount)

  • 2 Project Tee Shirts

  • All workshops & course materials certification by Ocean Gardener

    Minimum Commitment : 3 - 4 weeks

    COURSE FEE : IDR 27,500,000 


  • Flight Tickets

  • In country spending money

  • Visa Fees
    (VOA IDR500,000 + IDR850,000 extension)


  • Dinner Meals (can eat from 30,000 per meal)
  • Travel and Dive Insurance

  • Fees for any additional dives outside that is provided in the Programme

  • Motorbike rental (IDR1.100k a month)


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