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Welcome to

Tevana House Reef

Your Eco Boutique Resort in Tanjung Bira

Tevana House Reef started off as an sustainable lodge amongst family members for their love of the environment and scuba diving in Tanjung Bira. We wanted to create an sustainable resort where everyone can experience the gardens and incredible sea views of the Earth that has been naturally given to us by Mother Nature.

Tevana means Pleasurable Garden in Sanskrit and House Reef is a scuba diving term for the closest diveable area of coral reef which coincidently the Bira House Reef starts is just off our shores.

In Tevana House Reef we wanted to ensure that when guests came to Bira, they experienced a wholistic travel experience, from being close to the ocean, enjoying the raw beauty of Bira, the culinary experience and finally to live a simple life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Tevana House Reef Rooms

Explore the minimalist room designs by our architect Belisario Gossi, that incorporate unique elements of the traditional Phinisi wood building technique which is the heritage of Tanjung Bira with our favourite oriental and travelling elements.


With the ocean just steps away from our sustainable lodge, we promise that you will find comfort and feel right at home the moment you enter Tevana House Reef.


Tevana Vida Kitchen

Malaysian cooking is about combining fusion elements of 3 - 4 distinct cuisine in our country and blending the flavours to give you the best dining experience in Bira.


With a predominant vegetarian and vegan Malaysian restaurant. We aimed to provide you with a new culinary experience by the ocean using organic ingredients and recipes from the heart. 


Tevana House Reef Retreats

Experience what it means to come back to nature at Tevana House Reef. Here we have hosted numerous retreats and we are happy to co-design a suitable retreat for you may it be yoga retreats, cooking retreats, free diving or even company and corporate retreats.

Our whole approach to travelling is that we want it to be a wholisitc approach one where you're feeding the mind, body and soul.

Tevana House Reef Sustainble Efforts

While building in Tanjung Bira we faced many challenges where we decided we wanted to minimise our direct impact to the land. In Tevana House Reef we wanted to have a beautiful garden but water is expensive in Bira and we experience a yearly 6 months drought. Because of this we decided that the best method would be to implement a rain water harvesting system and waste water garden system (image on the right for explanation)


We use organic soap for our guests because all the water use in the rooms go directly into the ground, which in turn help water our plants. 

When you stay with Tevana House Reef rest assured that you are always contributing back. 

We're also involved in a 2 main restoration projects which we help start here in Tanjung Bira. If you'd like to take your contribution a step further please click below to learn more!

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